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Telly Addicts (Wii)

Quick Overview

The seemingly ubiquitous Noel Edmonds is back, courtesy of publisher Ubisoft, and this time around it's TV trivia he's peddling in the game version of the maddeningly-watchable Telly Addicts. It's always the simplest ideas that go down best, and what could be simpler than being asked questions about bygone television programmes and trying to outdo family and friends? A brilliant premise! Even the packaging is seductive, with the ageless former Radio One disc jockey giving us that 'come on in and have some TV-related fun' look. Telly Addicts doesn't follow the pattern of the old TV show to the letter, but it's close. You get hundreds of clips and thousands of questions, all based upon themed rounds. Great stuff, and no-one has to get in the time machine to go back to the early 1990s. Hurrah!

Additional Information

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