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Kether (CD-i)

Quick Overview

Kether is a mixture of genres that include space flight, puzzle-solving and corridor shooting. The story takes place in space above the planet of Kether. An evil force by the name of Khork has kidnapped a princess by the name of Eta Carene and a young warrior by the name of Melkhor along with his space cruiser the Anterte must travel to five different temples orbiting in space above the planet, explore them and face off against the ultimate evil and save the princess. When the player chooses which temple they want to explore, the game perspective takes on a space flight where the player must dodge against asteroids and collect green orbs scattered throughout to gain an extra energy boost in order to complete the stage. To enter the temple the player must solve a mysterious puzzle in a certain time limit, if the player is successful they can then enter the temple. Once inside the view goes to a first-person corridor shooter where the player, using an auto-map feature, will be presented with a choice of where to proceed. The goal is to reach the end of the temple and avoid enemies, if the player encounters an enemy however they can shoot at them to destroy them and proceed.

Additional Information

Boxed AFactory Sealed Product
Boxed BProduct Boxed & Complete with Manual
Boxed CProduct Boxed without Manual
DLoose Item