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Sore Thumb - image of Whip Rush: Mystery of the planet Voltegas ウィップラッシュ 惑星ボルテガスの謎  (Mega Drive) Japanese

Whip Rush: Mystery of the planet Voltegas ウィップラッシュ 惑星ボルテガスの謎 (Mega Drive) Japanese

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Whip Rush: Wakusei Voltegeus no Nazo Whip Rush: Mystery of the planet Voltegas Whip Rush 2222AD: The Invasion of the Voltegians ウィップラッシュ 惑星ボルテガスの謎 Whip Rush is a side-scrolling (with certain vertically scrolling descents and ascents) shooter similar to Gaiares and R-Type. The player starts with 3, 4, or 6 ships depending on the difficulty level selected. In addition to moving and shooting, the ship has Power Claws that can be rotated and extended for offensive and defensive purposes. Power Claws can be equipped up to two units and can shoot bullets. The Laser is forward firing only but is rapid and strong, missiles can shoot back and forth and when shot from the Power Claw they will home in on enemies. Fireballs shoot in the opposite direction of your ships travel. The upgradeable weapons are Laser, Missile, Fireball, and Power Claw. Unlike most other games, the ship has variable speed, which comes in handy when maneuvering different kinds of obstacles and enemies.

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